Dan Jones Q&A

Dan Jones is a 29 year old bloke, based on the Gold Coast. He works in the events industry as an audio-visual technician and is an amateur landscape photographer. Dan has loved camping and spending time outdoors from a young age, which has grown into a passion for exploring new places. He love everything from enjoying the comforts of camping from his 4WD, to setting out on foot with everything he need on his back.


The one place that has made the biggest impression on you in your years of bush expeditions. Where and why?

Canyoning in the Blue Mountains. This has by far been the most memorable and breathtaking experiences I've ever had in the aussie bush. I have a vivid memory of floating on my back down a stream looking up at the canyon walls towering 100m overhead. Not to mention the crazy sense of adventure you get from jumping off cliffs into pools of water, abseiling down waterfalls and just navigating your way through the depths of the canyon. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before.


What’s your favourite piece of gear and why?

My bushcraft knife, made by Kor Knife and Tool. It's not only an incredibly useful tool in the bush, it's a work of art. I absolutely love it!


What’s the most important piece of gear/equipment that you take with you on all trips and why?

I'm going to have to include 2 pieces of equipment here; my Sawyer Mini Squeeze Water Filter and Alton Goods 3x3m Tarp. I would be able to get by and "survive" the night in the majority of places I explore as long as I have shelter from the hot sun or rain, and am able to filter water.



Any sticky situations you’ve found yourself in when exploring remote areas, give us the details?

To be completely honest... No. The only real unsure situations I have come across have been mental obstacles and self doubt, but everything has always turned out well in the end. Sometimes just being out in the bush when conditions aren't ideal, exposed to the elements and at the mercy of the weather and mother nature herself can be daunting at the time. I've learned that I need to be confident in myself and the decisions I make.


What’s the one biggest lesson you’ve had to learn the hard way?

Don't over commit. Learn what your limits are for one day and stick with that. It's not fun, or safe hiking in the dark.


One location you are dying to explore, why are you drawn to it?

Tasmania. I have never been, but from what I have seen, it has untouched wilderness on tap. There are so many places to explore that you wouldn't find anywhere else in Australia.



One thing you wish you were better at?

I've never actually tried creating fire by friction, whether it be by bow or hand drill. I think it would be a very handy skill to have.


Who or what inspired you to do what you do and why?

I've always loved camping and the outdoors, so that comes naturally. As far as exploring remote, untouched places and documenting my journeys, I am a big fan of Joe Robinet. His skillset, sense of adventure and general appreciation for the outdoors is something that I really respect.


Any advice for aspiring adventurers?

Just get out there and explore! Don't let gear hold you back, as long as you are safe and comfortable, that's all you need. Again, don't overcommit. Start small with an adventure you're comfortable in undertaking and build from there.


What’s on the horizon for you?

Keep exploring and documenting my journeys! While the borders are closed I plan to explore some beautiful locations around my local area, plan some kayak trips now that winter has come to and end and once the borders eventually open up, get back to NSW and explore some of their stunning wilderness.


How can people follow you on your journeys?

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all my journeys, also follow me on facebook and instagram for updates.




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