Scotty Williams Q&A

You may know Scotty from his fantastic YouTube channel "Scotty's Gone Walkabouts". I know I get a bit excited every time he posts a new video, I'm sure you will too. Scotty has been kind enough to take part in our Quickfire Questions. Have a read and enjoy.


The one place that has made the biggest impression on you in your years of bush expeditions. Where and why?

I think it would definitely have to be the Budawangs, on the NSW South Coast. My old man first took me there when I was 16 and I was blown away with the place. It's such an incredibly beautiful, rugged and ancient landscape. You really feel like you step back in time. Every time I go back, I fall more in love with it.


What’s your favourite piece of gear and why?

My Bushman knife by Kor Knife and Tool. Mitch makes beautiful quality handmade knives. They're honestly a work of art.


What’s the most important piece of gear/equipment that you take with you on all trips and why?

That would have to be my PLB (Personal Locator Beacon). I have both a Garmin GPSMap 66i and a ACR ResQLink. As much as I love camping and hiking with mates, going solo is hands down my favourite way to experience the outdoors. But with that comes risks. So, carrying a PLB is a no brainer. It may be a little pricey, especially for a piece of gear that you hope to never use, but that peace of mind is definitely worth it.



Any sticky situations you’ve found yourself in when exploring remote areas, give us the details?

Probably the sketchiest moment was when I was doing a 5 day hike though the Budawangs a few years back, and I found myself 'geographically embarrassed'. I was navigating by map and compass, no gps app or anything, and I made a silly mistake which threw me off. I spent all day trying to find my bearings but I think I just managed to confuse myself even more. So, I retreated back to a cave I slept in the night before and tried to regain my composure and reorientate myself. My biggest concern was that I was supposed to be meeting my partner who was picking me up at the end point the following day around lunchtime, but with getting lost and having to backtrack, it meant I was way behind schedule. I had no way to contact her or anything, and I didn't want her to worry and call for help. I knew I could eventually find my way again; it was more the time constraint that put the pressure on me. I started off again the next morning and managed to find my way and got to the pickup spot where she was meeting me just in time.


What’s the one biggest lesson you’ve had to learn the hard way?

That situation in the Budawangs was a real eye opener. The feeling of being lost is horrible feeling. It's crazy how you can go from having a wonderful time, to all of a sudden, lost, and a great dread wash over you. It really taught me the need to remain cool, calm and collected in a situation like that. I can now definitely understand how some people freak out and make the situation worse for themselves.


One location you are dying to explore, why are you drawn to it?

Wollemi National Park is a place that keeps drawing me back. It's incredibly beautiful with its deep gorges and twisting rivers, plus it's the largest wilderness area in NSW, so countless places to explore and a place where you really feel a sense of solitude. It has a rich aboriginal history, with many significant sites such as cave paintings and engravings, and we've only just started to scratch the surface. It is believed that there are still many sites out there that remain undiscovered. In a world where it feels like everything has been discovered, it's great to think that there is still more we can uncover.



One thing you wish you were better at?

Fishing. Haha. Anyone who watches my channel knows all too well my love/hate relationship with fishing. I'm starting to get the hang of it, but I still have a long way to go.


Who or what inspired you to do what you do and why?

I've always had a thirst for adventure. I was lucky enough that my old man would take me on bushwalks and camping trips when I was younger. After I left school, I travelled all across the world, but in the last 5 years I've really fallen in love with this land. It's such an incredible country and we're very lucky to call this great southern land home. I started filming my adventures cause I wanted to showcase the Aussie bush to the rest of the world and to inspire others to get out there and experience it for themselves.


Any advice for aspiring adventurers?

Just get out there! When I first started getting into it, I was always trying to get mates to come along with me, but many of them were too busy so that's why I started going solo. I'd suggest starting small, build up some confidence and skill and then keep on pushing. Being out in the bush alone is a very powerful and grounding experience. To depend on no-one but yourself. I find you connect to the bush on a whole deeper level. You start to notice everything, even the smallest details.


What’s on the horizon for you?

To just keep doing what I'm doing, and hopefully people will continue to enjoy coming along on these walkabouts with me.


How can people follow you on your journeys?

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all my journeys, also follow me instagram for updates. 




Scotty uses this gear, you can too!


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