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Alton Goods - Ultralight Hammock

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The Alton Goods Ultralight Hammock is your passport to Sleeping Wild. At only 345 grams, this hammock is lightweight, compact and easy to set up. By combining premium materials such as diamond ripstop nylon, high-tensile polyester and precipitation hardened Aluminium alloy, Alton Goods have been able to retain maximum strength, robustness and spaciousness whilst creating an ultralight product.

Years of thorough field testing have gone into developing and finessing this product. With an unwavering focus on longevity, durability and simplicity, the Ultralight Hammock has become a mainstay for adventurers requiring a reliable, comfortable and lightweight sleeping system.  

ROBUST & TEAR RESISTANT: This product upholds the Alton Goods commitment to only produce equipment that is of the highest possible quality. From the highly tear-resistant 70D diamond ripstop nylon, to the high-tensile polyester continuous loops and precipitation-hardened Ultralight Aluminium Carabiners, no corner has been cut in creating this product. Materials have been specifically selected for their unique properties and ability to endure sustained use in unforgiving environments.

ULTRALIGHT & COMPACT: By selecting premium materials, Alton Goods has been able to retain maximum strength, durability and spaciousness whilst creating a truly ultralight product. The use of high strength-to-weight ratio materials such as ripstop nylon, polyester and 7075 Aluminium alloy, has allowed reduced carrying weight to an incredible 345 grams and packing size to only 17 x 10.5 x 10.5 centimetres.

SPACIOUS DESIGN: Despite being a compact and ultralight product, this hammock is flexible and spacious. At 280cm x 146cm there is plenty if room for users of all sizes. 

BREATHABLE, SOFT & QUICK DRYING: The carefully selected diamond grid ripstop nylon is designed for superior performance and feel compared to standard square grid ripstop and non-ripstop nylons. Although it is incredibly durable, it is also highly breathable, quick drying and soft to the touch. 

HEAVY-DUTY: With longevity in mind, this hammock has been constructed with heavy-duty seams, triple stitched sides and bar stitching for reinforcement in high-wear areas.

ATTACHED STUFF SACK: The simple and sturdy design comes with an attached stuff sack; complete with an easy to use 2mm Dyneema® drawstring.

SUPERIOR QUALITY: Each hammock has been individually inspected by the Alton Goods team in Australia, allowing us to maintain the highest level of quality.

3 YEAR WARRANTY: Alton Goods Ultralight Hammock has been constructed with an overarching focus on quality and longevity. It has been developed by hikers for hikers and tested by their team of experts in Australia in Australian conditions. Alton Goods are so confident of its capabilities that they offer no questions asked, 3 year guarantee on its build quality and performance.